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16 авг, 2004 @ 22:57
you cant call my cell. try my home phone.

14 авг, 2004 @ 23:35
list list list

1. i got a new car. 91 eagle talon. im reinventing the stick shift. im playing it like a toy. just for fun i put it in reverse five times before it is actually in.
2. i went to a hippy camping party and it felt like i was part of a cult. everyone had fairy wings on, and people were passing around mushroom tea.
3. to you-- make yourself happy. fuck the rest of the world. only you count.
4. clark is over. now i get to look for a job in the hot sun.
5. my mom is the best mom.
6. i get to house sit. yay
7. the sun isnt making me happy anymore


7 авг, 2004 @ 17:09
hi, im writing a 1200 word agurmentative essay on medicinal marijuana and i want to get hit by a car/slice a body part open/shoot someone to get out of writing this paper. but if one of those did happen, id still probably have to write this damnpaper. i ran into stephanie hobbs and told her about my paper, she said "that identifies what kind of person you are." i wanted to tell her i dont do that kinda stuff. but i didnt. because i didnt want to get into it, because i still keep my pipe hidden in my jewlery box just in case something comes over me.

im going to buy a computer with my money. id rather spend it on things i dont need.

23 июл, 2004 @ 17:15
i want to go swimmming.

15 июл, 2004 @ 14:12
interview at pizza smizza (SP>? i should know this!). they are so going to hyre me. yes ma'am.
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» (No Subject)
if anyone could give me a graduation ticket i would really appreciate it! please!?
» (No Subject)
someone entertain me this evening?
» (No Subject)
events to fill the day:

1) wash my car.
2) enjoy driving car.
3) samurai sams.
4) doctors.
5) clark. bull. shit.
6) purchase book.
7) -------

im bored with portland.
» (No Subject)
im on aim again. talk to me.

» (No Subject)
1) i quit smoking. really i did.

2) im pretty sure i shared a plane with dave eggers. and he rocks in spin this month.

3) im happy today.
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